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Perceptual-Cognitive Training


MIINDTAP Perceptual-Cognitive Training (PCT) is one of our core services designed to improve decision-making, attentional focusand anticipatory skills using innovative, challenging, and fun training technologies.

The ability to gaze and attend to relevant cues in our environment is the initial process that determines the accuracy and swiftness of our decisions, and ultimately the success of our actions. Perceptual-cognitive skills play a significant role in anticipating upcoming events especially under high-speed and uncertain conditions. 

MINDTAP Coaches will work with you to design an individualized training program incorporating the following technologies:


The Senaptec Sensory Station is a multimodal evaluation and training station that assesses 10 visual and sensorimotor components. Utilization of the Sensory Station allows our coaches to provide a holistic view of one’s visual and sensorimotor system, as well as, develop training programs to enhance their current performance.


  • Visual Clarity
  • Depth Perception
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Near Far Quickness
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Perception Span
  • Reaction Time
  • Target Capture
  • Go/No Go
  • Eye Hand Coordination

Stroboscopic training incorporates temporal and spatial occlusion paradigms at a fast and continuous rate. Senaptec Stroboscopic (strobe) glasses are equipped with liquid crystal lenses that  transition from transparent to opaque at specific time intervals. 


By limiting the amount of visual information, you are forced to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant cues at a subconscious level; that is, by training/experiencing situations under stroboscopic conditions, an individual is acquiring experiences at a faster rate than traditional training.


HECOstix are Hand Eye COordination training tools designed to help athletes improve reaction speed, anticipation, decision-making and overall cognitive development. 

Receivers are instructed to catch a designated color leg of the HECOstix. This process facilitates the training of perceptual and cognitive strategies combined with motor execution.


Blazepod is a Flash-Reflex Training System designed to improve reaction time, agility, strength, decision-making, and more in limitless applications of performance training, therapy, and exercise.


The pods provide endless possibilities of enhancing workouts with motivating visual cues along with the corresponding Blazepod App enabling progress tracking and customizable activities.


What does this all mean?

By improving your perceptual-cognitive skills, you are increasing the probability for more efficient decision-making, and as a result:


Who can benefit from perceptual-cognitive training?

  • Train your anticipatory skills to refine the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your sport-related decision-making. 
  • Transform your approach to routine physical training and incorporate visual attention technology.
  • From making split-second life-or-death decisions to maintaining high levels of cognitive performance in the office or on stage – improve your attentional focus to perform with confidence and concentration. 
  • Tune into your environment in a refreshing and innovative way that will allow you to analyze, execute, and connect to the task at hand in any and every context.

Whether you are an athlete, exerciser, performer, business professional, etc., you can benefit from perceptual-cognitive training. Not only do we train the visual processes, but we are also training how you perform under stressful situations. No matter the occupation, there is stress. How you respond to that stress determines whether you will overcome and come out on top.

By utilizing the above technologies, in combination with mental skills training, you will put yourself in a higher probability to respond to stressful situations in a facilitative, rather than debilitative manner.

How does this work?

  • Assess your current level in the 10 areas of visual and sensorimotor components.
  • Work with one of our coaches to design a personalized program that best suits your performance needs. 
  • Are you having a wellness week or open house and would like to showcase innovative and fun technologies for all ages?
  • Are you a fitness facility and would like your members to experience the importance of visual and cognitive training can be integrated into one’s training regimen?
  • Contact us to see how we can accommodate your needs.

If you or your team are interested or can benefit from perceptual-cognitive training, please contact us so we may explain how your needs can be met.