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About Us

All MINDTAP coaches are trained in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology practices dedicated to helping clients reach their optimal level of performance. Whether you are an athlete, coach, business professional, musician, student, public speaker – let us help you tap into an enhanced mental performance perspective and achieve your goals with confidence. Our services are delivered through mental skills techniques, elevated by perceptual-cognitive training technologies, and tailored to your performance needs. 

We are trained in the applied and research aspects of the sport domain bringing an evidence-based practice approach directly to our consultation services. Our model seeks to facilitate how clients prepare, progress, and perform in achieving their optimal performance levels. Lastly, our mission as sport psychology professionals is to raise awareness on the importance and beneficial impacts of mental performance on our overall quality of life.

Tap into our world and experience how having an enhanced mindset can elevate your performance and your approach to life.

Our offices and in-person sessions are located at

ADAPT – Wellness & Fitness Center

14901. NE 20th Ave, Studio A

North Miami, FL 33181


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